“Tantrics Of Old” by Krishnarjuna Bhattacharya​ – Indian Science Fiction – DNF at 30%

Tantrics of old

I picked up “Tantrics of Old” to try out some Indian Science Fiction- I’ve reluctantly decided to abandon it at 30%.

The ideas behind “Tantrics of Old” are fascinating:  a ruined but magical Old Kolkata, ravaged by war and inhabited by dangerous people, sitting next to clean and shiny New Kolkata that outlaws magic and provides a safe and heavily regulated environment. Old Kolkata has soul and chaos. New Kolkata has bureaucracy and order. There is also a newish take on necromancy, demons, witches, angels and the four horsemen.

Sadly, the writing plods along, the structure of the storytelling is clumsy and the characters are too thinly drawn for me to care about.


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