“Forbidden” by Jana Oliver (Demon Trappers #2 – Soul Thief)

forbiddenI’ve been looking forward to the publication of “Forbidden” since I finished reading  “Forsaken”.  It didn’t disappoint. It was even better than I thought it would be.

“Forbidden” starts directly from where “Forsaken” left off, Riley Blackthorn hasn’t even had time to shower since the climatic finish of “Forsaken”.

Jana Oliver again demonstrates her ability to write a page-turning read that also touches the emotions. Part of her talent is for engaging the feelings we all encounter: loss, betrayal, doubt, confusion, friendship, lust and the need to be loved, and making us live through them as if for the first time. She wraps all of this in a supernatural context that is becoming gratifyingly complex. At the end of “Forsaken” I thought I pretty much knew what was going on. Part way through “Forbidden” I enjoyed discovering that we’d just scratched the surface and almost nothing was what it seemed.

Jana Oliver writes well. Her pace is perfect. Her dialog is realistic and memorable. Her descriptions are light but evocative. The ending of the book is satisfying. It avoids easy answers but doesn’t leave the reader hanging.

I’m delighted to have discovered in Jana Oliver, an author whose books bring me joy. I look forward to the next one.


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