“Blackout” by Connie Willis – I couldn’t finish it – very disappointing


Connie_Willis-Blackout_2010I’ve read all of Connie Willis’ books with great enjoyment. When “Blackout” and its sequel “All Clear” came out, I bought both of them (the latter in Hardback) and settled down for a good read.

It’s unusual for me not to finish a book, but I gave up before I was halfway through “Blackout”.

I could have lived with the indulgently slow pace and even the lack of any underlying sense of tension but the “we keep missing each other because although in this future we’re invented time travel, we failed to invent the mobile phone or twitter” aspects of the plot degenerated into unintentional farce.

Perhaps I’m being over-harsh. I appreciate that Connie Willis is remaining faithful to the picture of the future she created when she wrote “Doomsday Book” in 1992 (which I enjoyed immensely when it came out) the lack of the now-taken-for-granted “always on” connectivity, linked to the plot devices of missed encounters, made me so out of sympathy with this slightly dull book that I set it aside.

I head good things about her latest novella “All About Emily”. I hope it will get me back in the what “What will she write next” frame of mind with Connie Wills.

At the moment, all I have is two unread books for the second hand book store.

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