“This Case Is Gonna Kill Me” by Philippa Bornikova – Fun read from Chick-lit/Romance/Legal/Vampire mix

This Case Is Going To Kill MeThis is a book to read when your brain needs a holiday. It’s a light, fun, fast, slick, self-referential, tongue-in-cheek (I hope) cocktail of every genre you might be looking for.

We have an alternative earth in which Vampires and Werewolves and Fairies (collectively known as The Powers) dominate the law, the military and the entertainment business.

Our heroine graduated at the top of her law class, yet she shows few signs of being really bright. She gets her first job working for a White Fang (Vampire reference – not Jack London) Law firm. She achieves outcast status amongst her human colleagues because she was fostered in a Vampire home, falls victim to the office sexual predator, falls into an intrigue that pits her against Werewolf mercenaries who try (repeatedly) to kill her. She falls a lot in fact. And most of the time it saves her life or wins her a case. She may not be the world’s brightest lawyer but she is supernaturally lucky.

Although she is often brave, taking on Werewolf assassins and chauvinist bosses with equal enthusiasm, she seems a little damaged – very dependent on “Daddy” both her natural father and her Vampire foster-father.

The book is well plotted and slickly written, with good banter, nice pace and well-choreographed action.

Bornikova raises her game as a writer when she is describing anything to do with horses and she manages a surprisingly (but appropriately) repulsive sex scene.

What I’ve described so far would have been enough for a pleasant read but probably wouldn’t have had me looking for the next in the series (isn’t everything in a series these days?)

What pushed me into the “OK, I’ll try the next one” camp is the feeling that the damage our heroine sustained in her fostered-childhood and the supernatural luck that follows her and the unusual patronage that she receives from the Vampires, point to a longer, more interesting plot arc and to the possibility that our heroine may get past her daddy issues and end up seeking a reckoning with a set of gelding shears. One can but hope.

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