“Killing Floor” Jack Reacher #1 by Lee Child – Ingenious plot and calm but deadly hero”

I wrote this review last year but somehow forgot to post it here.

killing floor - Jack ReacherI’m obviously late discovering Jack Reacher, brought to him by the publicity around Cruise’s movie (although only the weirdness of Hollywood would cast 5′ 7” Cruise to play 6′ 5” Reacher).

I listened to “Killing Floor” flying across the Atlantic and back. It was the perfect airplane read: fast pace, ingenious plot, lots of action and simple, clear prose. But what sets the book apart is the Jack Reacher’s “voice”. He’s more than an action hero. He has a world view all of his own and more than a few flaws.

I’m not at all surprised to find that he spawned a long series of best selling books. I’m not sure I like him but I find him believable. more than a little scary and yet, somehow, also quite vulnerable. He’s a man who has made himself a loner, detached from most emotions other than anger. willing to kill evil-doers without a second thought and yet driven to do what he thinks is the right thing in a charmingly old-fashioned way. He’s a sort of anti-hero with a code of honor.

This is not the deepest of books but it delivers what it promises on every page. If you’re in the mood to escape into a world where a calm-but-deadly loner reluctantly but bravely takes the fight to the bad guys, this one is for you. But be warned, the violence is graphic, imaginative, convincing, memorable and frequent.

If you’d like to listen to an extract from “Killing Floor”, click on the SoundCloud link below:

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