“Dark Tomorrow (Bo Blackman #6)” by Helen Harper – the rehabilitation of Bo Blackman?

dark-tomorrowIn the previous two books “Red Angel” and “Vigilante Vampire”, Bo Blackman has become, at least in her own eyes, a dark, violent creature, driven by anger and a need for revenge.

“Dark Tomorrow” continues straight on from “Vigilante Vampire” which ended with Bo’s world being literally blown apart. She’s now one of the few Vampires left in London, most of the rest who survived have fled the UK with its increasingly anti-vampire government. B0’s future is uncertain. She is angry and afraid and her first instinct is to exact revenge from those who destroyed her world.

Throughout this book, Bo is faced with three choices: run and hide, get revenge at any cost, or put revenge aside and try to fix what’s broken. B0’s temperament makes the first unthinkable and the second instinctive. In most books, the heroine would find herself drawn towards the moral high ground and do what she could to lead her people to a better way. Bo isn’t that kind of heroine. She really, really wants to take slow, painful, lethal revenge on her enemies. She dreams about it. She can almost taste it. She also hates being a leader of any kind.

Into this mix, Helen Harper throws the one thing that might divert Bo from slaughter: a child from her past who is in danger.

I enjoyed the clever plotting in this book: it kept adding new twists, enriched itself by drawing on details from earlier novels and it kept Bo on a knife-edge about the kind of person she is going to let herself become.

The threats in this book are new and original but the characters stay true to themselves and develop in believable ways.

The ending of the book was nicely judged: if the series ends here, I’ll feel that the story arcs resolved in a satisfying way; if the series continues, there are a whole new set of challenges ahead.

What more could I ask for?

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