Crazy Kindle pricing or how not to sell ebooks

check price

Here’s how it normally works.

I browse book blogs and find something that I like.

I go to or amazon’s kindle site and I buy it, usually for less than $10 (I have a 24 book membership with audible.)

I’m a self-confessed book junkie. I buy more books than I have time to read. I’m not hard to sell to.

Here’s how it worked this time.

I read an article on Literary Hub, called “The Dark Side Of Office Life” that got me interested in Debbie Graber’s short story collection Kevin Kramer Starts on Monday .

It’s 176 pages long, which is fine for a short story collection. I was ready to buy with one click.

Audible didn’t have it so I went to Kindle.

Kindle asked me for $18.44… for a digital copy of a 176 page book.

Expecting an error, I checked more closely and saw Amazon would sell me the paperback for $9.92

In other words, Amazon want to charge me 85% MORE for the ebook than the paperback.

crazy kindle pricing

This is why I don’t have a copy of “Kevin Kramer Starts On Monday”.

What I don’t understand is why on earth Amazon thinks this makes sense.

In May 2017 it was reported that sales of ebooks fell by 17% while physical book sales rose by 8%. All kinds of fancy reasons were given. I wonder how much is simply attributable to Amazon experimenting with how high they can push ebook prices.

I will NEVER pay more for an ebook than for the cheapest available new print copy

Thirteen months later…

I just bought a new copy of “Kevin Kramer Starts Tomorrow” from Kindle.

The price… $1.14




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