2017 Man Booker Prize Shortlist announced – I’m disappointed “Reservoir 13” didn’t make it


When the 2017 Man Booker Longlist was announced, I decided to read three of the books nominated: “Autumn” by Ali Smith which will be my next read, “History Of Wolves”  by Emily Firdlund which was very compelling and “Reservoir 13”  by Jon McGregor which is a remarkable and original book that immersed me in the eddies and flows of village life.

The first two made the Shortlist. Sadly “Reservoir 13” didn’t. In some ways I can understand that. It took me a while to let go of my expectations and be carried along by the images and the relationships in the book but in the weeks that have followed, the “Reservoir 13”  has stayed with me, haunting my imagination, to the point where, having originally listened to the audiobook version, I’ve now bought the hardback because this is a book I know I’ll want to hold on to.

Now I’ll wait to see if either “Autumn” of “History Of Wolves” win this year’s prize.

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