Ten things that make me want Brexit stopped

Here are the ten things about Brexit that have become clear to me in the eighteen months since the referendum. If you agree with even half of them, make your voice heard. Contact your MP. Contact the Party leaders. Use social media. Don’t let them use your silence as consent.

  1. The Leave Campaign was driven by a group of billionaires within and outside of the UK who, faced with a rigorous regime for ending tax avoidance in the EU in 2019, decided to remake the UK as a tax haven.
  2. The billionaires probably channelled Russian money to fund the Leave Campaign and probably spent more than the law permits and then hid that spending.
  3. The Leave Campaign was a one-time use weapon for which allowed both the Tories and Labour to distance themselves from the lies told to sell Brexit.4types of brexiteer
  4. Cambridge Analytica and Russian Bots and Trolls were deployed on a large scale to use voters’ fears, prejudices and romantic notions of British supremacy on the world stage to create an emotional, polarising, climate for the vote.
  5. The Tory government chose not to carry out due diligence on the impact of leaving the EU before the referendum and has only pretended to carry out due diligence since the referendum.
  6. Since at least March, a small group on the Tory right has been planning for a “No Deal” Brexit. Their agenda is to create an economic crisis that will enable them to turn the UK into a low pay, low regulation tax–haven.
    They want Neofeudalism: Government of the Rich, by the Rich, for the Rich”. They will dismantle the  Welfare State and rig taxes and employment law so that billionaires amass more wealth and power while the rest of us are kept poor and insecure.
  7. The rest of the EU thinks we have gone temporarily insane and hopes that we will recover soon and put an end to this act of self-harm.
  8. Our treatment of EU nationals resident in the UK disgraces us. It is ugly,  irrational, hate-driven, inhumane and self-defeating.  It is the perfect emblem for the kind of Britain the Brexit mindset wants to create.
    bargaining chip
  9. Parliament is failing us and crippling itself. Parliament is accountable for deciding whether or not to leave the EU. MPs and political parties can’t, in good conscience, say that it’s the “will of the people” and rubber stamp an advisory referendum. They must take accountability, put country before Party and stop Brexit or else become disempowered and irrelevant.
  10. Like cult-leaders who have promised an end-days that they can’t deliver, the extreme right of our minority Tory Government, have come up with a Suicide Pact solution that they want the faithful to accept. Theresa May wants the Brexit Bill to embed a legally binding date for leaving the EU. In effect, she pulls the pin from the Brexit Grenade, throws it into Parliament and says “It will explode at 23.00 on 29th March 2019” no matter what the consequences for Britain are. This is not the will of the people. This is not a Parliamentary democracy. This is a plot to create a Land Fit For Billionaires by deceiving the rest of us.brexit grenade

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