“Silver Borne – Mercy Thompson #5” by Patrica Briggs


“Silver Borne” delivers roughly the same mix of contents as the previous books in the series but with a rounding out of how the power of the pack works through the Alpha and a deeper look at the world of the fae. There is a fun addition of a TV Reality Show Werewolf Bounty Hunter and complications coming from having one of the main characters surrender himself to his wolf.

I liked the way that the conflict in the Pack was confronted and resolved but I thought the struggle with the Fae enemy lacked a credible level of violence.

Perhaps it was because I read “Silver Borne” in the same month that I read “Bone Crossed” but it seemed to me that this series is starting to repeat itself. It’s hard to see a real story arc. I’m becoming aware that even when the Big Bad uses mind control to enslave people, the sense of abuse is muted and the sharp edges of evil have been rounded off for my safety.

“Silver Borne” was entertaining and well written but I’m hoping that the series as a whole will find a direction to go in that avoids repetition and enables Mercy to find true strength and independence.

2 thoughts on ““Silver Borne – Mercy Thompson #5” by Patrica Briggs

  1. I am actually listening to the audiobook of Silver Borne right now. I agree with your review. It’s weird but when I read them as they came out they had a bigger impact on me? Not that I dislike them, I don’t! They just seem kind of static? So, I agree. I do know Mercy’s character grows more in the future, so hang in there!


    • Thanks. It’s good to know that things get better. I enjoy these books. They’re a reliable source of entertainment but I’ll be limiting myself to one a month from now on.

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