Small Pleasures: Lakeside Streetfood Festival

The best pleasures often arrive as unlooked for gifts. This evening was one of those. We went into town to get some laundry done. It was a beautiful evening, warm but not too hot and bathed in a golden light that lent everything an air of optimism and happiness. When our chores were done, we went for a stroll by the side of Lake Geneva and found ourselves in the middle of a Streetfood Festival.

streetfood 1 masked.jpg


Music was everywhere, some live, some recorded, all exuberant. Some people had planned their evening, arriving in groups, occupying the long trestle tables by the lake and eating and drinking as if they were at a banquet where all the food could be eaten with your fingers. Others strolled in couples or small family groups. Everyone was relaxed. There was no tension, no police and no problems. There was even a rainbow at the end of the lake.

Streetfood 2 masked

We decided to join in and have our evening meal looking out over the lake. We prowled the food trucks and chose an ethnic dish seldom found in Switzerland: fish and chips with mushy peas and malt vinegar. It was served in a clever cardboard cone with a little pocket for the mushy peas. The team making it were Australian but the meal could have come straight from an English seaside town.

streetfood 3 masked

We moved further down the lake for dessert: crêpe au sucre and perfect café creme served from a converted silver slipstream trailer. There were people on the lake wall, on the rocks, even swimming in the lake. It was calm and quietly joyful.

Moments like that drag me out of the noise in my head and fully into the world, reminding me that people can come together peacefully to celebrate being alive in the midst of beauty and when they do, they amplify each other’s emotions and create something magical.

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