Audible changed my plans today…

Keep Calm We Have A Change Of Plans

Audible has rescheduled my reading today and wasted an hour of my time I’ll never get back to establish that they have a system-wide problem and not the problem between chair and computer that is their (painfully polite and indirectly expressed) default assumption.

Vox: A novelI meant to start “Vox” today as my last audiobook before Halloween Bingo starts (not that that’s dominating my life or anything) but I was unable to download it today to any of my devices via any of my network accesses.

I contacted support (how can anyone who does support via chat type so slowly?) and they eventually discovered something was broken and downloading wasn’t possible.

They’ve assured me they’ll have it fixed soon but I decided to move on to Plan B.

London Rukes

I’m using a book I’ve already downloaded to take another run at my Summer Of Spies.

I’ve just started Mick Herron’s “London Rules”, the fifth Slough House book.

I’m a little over an hour in and it’s so good I’m ALMOST tempted to thank Audible for their failure to deliver.

If this was an ebook or hardcopy, I’d be highlighting every fourth sentence and going “See! That’s what makes this shine. that sharp-edged glibness that coats a well-informed disdain for British power-brokers”  Except there’d be so many highlighted bits that I’d just end up saying: “Read this!”

Which, rant over and irritation soothed, I shall now do.

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