Halloween Bingo Update: I’m enjoying myself so far

20190905 Halloween Bingo Update.001

So we’re six days in to the two month Halloween Bingo reading challenge and I’m having fun using it to guide my reading.

I’ve fallen lucky with the bingo calls. I’ve read two of the three squares called and had already started on the third.

SeraphinaI’ve just finished “Seraphina” as my read for the Cryptozoology square.

This is the first book in a Young Adult fantasy series in which dragons and humans co-habit in an uneasy truce, partly facilitated by the dragons’ ability to take on human form. It was a fast, fun read, I’ll do a full review later.


I’m a little over halfway through “I Am Half-Sick Of Shadows” for the Cozy Mystery square which was called this week.

It’s my fourth visit with young Flavia De Luce and it doesn’t disappoint.

Brat farrarI’ve just started “Brat Farrar” by Josephine Tey. This is a book I’ve long promised myself. I read her “Daughter Of Time” decades ago but didn’t know that she’d written mysteries. My wife picked this one up off the pile ahead of me and enjoyed it so I’m looking forward to seeing Josephine Tey do her stuff.


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