Halloween Bingo Update: ten books on the board, two lines waiting, two new series found and a (long) new release squeezed in.

20180922 halloween bingo update.001

I’ve made my concession to a Bingo strategy now: I’ve got two lines read and am waiting for the remaining squares in them to be called. To do this I read two uncalled squares:

modern noir Mike Finn Halloween Bingo Card-016

HUNTRESS_MOON_FINAL-AMAZONI started to read “The Ice Beneath Her” for this square but although it was good Scandi-noir, I found it too depressing for my present mood so I switched to “Huntress Moon”, This was thoroughly enjoyable American Noir and has opened up a new series for me.


Deadlands Mike Finn Halloween Bingo Card-008

Civil Blood

“Civil Blood” is a self-published novel with an original take on a new kind of vampire produced by a plague manufactured and released by accident.

There were some great action scenes, lots of good ideas and some interesting characters but the pace was uneven and I didn’t think the courtroom scenes worked well enough.

With ten books on the board, I’m now letting myself follow my fancy for the next reads. I have three books on the go at the moment. Two were planned. The third demonstrates my lack of impulse control

Relics and Curiosities Mike Finn Halloween Bingo Card-001

angelfall__121114230611The reading list for Relic and Curiosities put me on to “Angelfall”, a Young Adult series set in a post-apocaéyptic America where the apocalypse has been caused by an invasion of avenging angels.

I’m only 16% in but I’m already certain I’ve found a new series to read


Terrifying Women Mike Finn Halloween Bingo CardDark MatterI’ve started “Dark Matter” for the Terrifying Women” square.

It’s a slightly odd choice as there are no women in it but now the weather is turning, I fancied a trip to the Arctic.


Lethal White by Robert Galbraith USThat would have been it, except audible finally released “Lethal White”, the fourth Robert Galbraith book – all twenty-two hours of it.  I can’t pass that up so I’m going to read it and then figure out what square to use it on.



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