I’m off to see the giants

sign the giants are here

On 2nd October, the discovery of a giant sandal in the Liverpool docks signalled the return of the giant puppets.

The tweet says:

Have you heard the Giant news? Last night, a very small boat named Neptune made a GIANT discovery!


This will be the third and final visit of the Giants puppets to Liverpool.

I wasn’t able to attend the first two but on Friday I’ll be in Liverpool and on the Wirral to see the awakening of this year’s giants, Then I’ll follow them through the weekend.

I love the way Liverpool makes this kind of thing happen and I’m looking forward to being part of this little piece of over-sized magic.

If you don’t know about these guys, take a look at these pictures from the last time the giants visited.




The little girl giant and her uncle hug after reuniting

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