Halloween Bingo Update: all but one book finished, three squares waiting to be called, five bingos so far

halloween update 20181021.001

This week I read two very good books and one disappointing one for Halloween Bingo and I’ve made a start on my final book. I have five bingos based on the calls made so far (although only the first four count). Finishing my final book will bring me two more bingos. Then it’s just a matter of waiting for my last three squares to be called to get a Black Out Bingo.

This game wasn’t what I expected:

  • It was more fun because so many people were doing the same thing and reading the same or similar books.
  • I let myself read more quickly than I could review and now I find myself likely to have more than a week to spare.  Next time I’ll have the confidence to go more slowly
  • 40% of the books I read weren’t on my original list. Next time I won’t make a list.
  • Although I took fourteen books off my TBR pile, I added eleven and started three new series so overall, I’ve probably added to my TBR pile rather than reducing it.

Anyway, here’s what I completed this week:

creepy carnivals Mike Finn Halloween Bingo Card-007JoylandStephen King’s “Joyland” was even better than I expected it to be, giving me my fifth five-star read for Halloween Bingo.

Published in 2012, this is King at his best, giving us nostalgia, a murder mystery, and a coming of age story all spiced with a touch of the supernatural.

genre horro Mike Finn Halloween Bingo Card-021

What Haunts Me“What Haunts Me” turned out to be disappointing. I couldn’t live with the style of writing, even though I loved the ideas. It gave me my second two-star read for Halloween Bingo (although it’s in illustrious company as the other one was Oscar Wilde’s “A Picture Of Dorian Gray”.

baker street irregulars Mike Finn Halloween Bingo Card-015Speaking From Among the BonesTo cheer myself up after a disappointing read, I indulged in a fifth visit with Flavia De Luce and was rewards with one of the best instalments yet. I love that Alan Bradley is letting Flavia grow and letting her situation change.


So now I have only the Doomsday square left to read.


doomsday Mike Finn Halloween Bingo Card-004Z for ZachariahI’ve reverted to my original selection for this square, “Z for Zachariah”, as I wasn’t getting traction with “The Last Children Of Tokyo”.

This is a beautiful book and perfect audiobook material. I’m taking it slowly, partly so that I can savour it and partly because I can only take so much tension in one sitting. It’s not that bad things are happening, it’s just this feeling that they ARE going to happen and by then they’ll be happening to people I care about.

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