My picks from Barnes & Nobles’ top 50 Science Fiction and Fantasy Debut Novels

I’ve just had some fun going through Barnes & Noble’s list of

50 of the Greatest Science Fiction & Fantasy Debut Novels Ever Written

It turns out that I’ve read eighteen out of the fifty.

I’ve picked them out below.

top 50

My top five on that list are “Trail of Lightning”, “Ancillary Justice”, Neuromancer”, The Windup Girl and “Revelation Space”.

The only one I didn’t like was “The Library At Mount Char” which I couldn’t finish.

I don’t accept “The Wasp Factory” as Science Fiction or fantasy. For me, Bank’s debut SF novel was “Consider Phlebus”.

I have another nine of the books in my TBR pile.

next 9

I think my next reading challenge may be to read these nine plus a few more from the B&N list.

Take a look and let me know which are your favourites.


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