My first ever letter to Santa

dear santa.001

Dear Santa,

I bet you’re wondering why, after sixty years of silence, I’m asking you for something for the first time.

Well, time is the point here really. I feel like I’ve got only a decade or two of it left and I’m looking for a little help in getting as much out of those years as possible.

I’m looking to you to grant me some special requests for books…

Yes, I do have a lot of unread books already. Yes, I do get books every Christmas and I’m glad about that. The thing is, now I’ve reached an age where I have many fewer Christmases ahead of me than behind me, I have to prioritise the books that I read and that’s made me realise that the books I most want to read haven’t been written yet. I’d like you to fix that for me.

I know it’s a big ask but you’re a big guy with a genius for logistics and a lot of pull with publishers who know what you do for their sales at this time of year.

I expect that there’s probably going to be a lead time with these kinds of special requests so please treat them as ready for fulfilment in 2019 (although if you can manage earlier that would be… well magic probably).

Thanks in advance Santa,

May your sack always be full and your chimneys always be wide.

Your first-time correspondent.


Mike Finn



FANTASY: Peter Grimes / Rivers Of London books

Please arrange to have at least two of these published a year for the foreseeable future, without any loss of quality of course. It would be great if I could also get spin-off novellas with a solo adventure for Molly and an “origin special” covering Nightingale’s World War II service.

SCIENCE FICTION:  The Murderbot Trilogy

Please arrange for TOR to commission Martha Wells to write a trilogy of Murderbot novels to be published over the next two years, with simultaneous release as audiobooks.

MYSTERY AND THRILLER:  a change in approach

Let 2019 be the year when the top-selling thriller:

Doesn’t:have the word “girl” in the title, include detailed descriptions of the stalking/torture/murder of women, involve the female lead losing her memory or discovering a dark secret about her past.

Does:  have strong women working together to expose the crimes of powerful old white men and make them pay.

HISTORICAL FICTION: The Indian Wars – an alternative history

I’m in the mood for something fresh and challenging but with a happy ending. Please persuade Cheri Dimaline or Tommy Orange or Louise Erdrich to write an alternative history of the “Indian Wars”. Maybe they could do a novella each? I’d like to see the same conflicts and betrayals but this time with a couple of changes: the Canadians keeping their treaties, the establishment of a First Nation Federation (FNF), a joint FNF Canadian push to claim all land west of the Appalachians.

NON-FICTION “How We Stopped Brexit”

This should be a series of short first-person pieces on by Gina Miller, Carole Cadwalladr and Lord Adonis on how they got Article 50 rescinded, with each chapter separated by a summary of the criminal charges brought against the prime movers in the Leave Campaigns, an analysis of the role of Facebook, Cambridge Analytica and Russian bot-factories and finally a piece from Jeremy Corbyn on what Labour would have done about implementing Brexit if he’d ever been elected.







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