2019 Reading Prophecies


I’m hoping to have more time to read in 2019 so I’ve been giving some thought to themes I might structure some of my reading around and I’ve come up with two of them: Talking With The Dead and New Beginnings and identified twenty-five books to read.

Talking With The Dead

One of the joys of reading is that you still get to share the thoughts of people who are no longer around to contact in any other way.

I’ve decided to have extended posthumous chats with two writers whose books have always absorbed all my attention and then left my head buzzing with ideas.

Ursula Le Guin died in January this year. I’ve been reading her novels and short stories since the late 1970s. They’ve always been more than entertainment, they’ve shaped how I  understand the world.

I’ve decided to re-read her short stories and her Hanish novels while dipping into her book of essays, published a month before her death and titled “No Time To Spare. Thinking About What Matters”.

Le guin

The second writer, whose spirit I’d like to summon is Terry Pratchett, someone else I’ve been reading for decades. I’ve decided to read my way through the City Watch sub-series.

city watch

New Beginnings

I’m always on the lookout for new series to read. To help with this, I’ve searched my TBR pile for books that start a series. I’m hoping at least half of them will lead me onto a series I will enjoy devouring.




2 thoughts on “2019 Reading Prophecies

  1. Mike, I love reading your reviews. Saw your “new beginnings” list and can’t wait to hear what you think of Lois McMaster Bujold. (Try her fantasy series that starts with The Curse of Chalion also.) Happy reading!


    • Thank you, Kyra. I’ve had a number of people recommend Bujold to me so I’m determined to give her a try next year. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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