Christmas gifts and a poem by U. A. Fanthorpe

So, here I am in the relaxed afterglow of a good Christmas with my wife and I’ve got time to think about what it means before we move onto the New Year’s celebration with family.

We’ve been exchanging Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve for more than forty years now. This year, without conferring with one another, like characters in an O Henry story, we moved the focus of our gift giving to things that will enable us to spend more time together next year.

Time and love are really the only two things we can give to each other that matter. It’s taken a while for me to learn that but I know it’s always been true.

So I when I read U. A. Fanthorpe’s poem, “Dear True Love” in the “A Poem For Every Day Of The Year” book that my wife gave me last year and which I use every day, I smiled.

I hope it makes you smile too.

true love.001

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