Terry Pratchett’s imagining of Brexiteers

I’ve just started to re-read “Men At Arms” the second City Watch book by Terry Pratchett.

I’m only a few pages in and it’s already clear to me that Terry Pratchett imagined Brexiteers more than twenty years before they inflicted themselves on the British public.

He created Lord Edward d’Eath, from an ancient aristocratic family, now impoverished, who wants to save Ankh-Morpork.

Listen to how Lord d’Eath thinks:

”And it was right that it was Fate, and the city would be Saved from its ignoble present by its glorious past…

…He could think in Italics. Such people need watching. Preferably from a safe distance.”

Pratchett understood how dangerous people with a fanatical belief in the glory of their past, a flimsy grasp on the reality of their present and a fanatic’s certainty that fate is on their side can be.

Sadly, in England today, Lord d’Eath would be a Cabinet Minister with responsibility for planning the self-imposed isolation of an island nation, entirely dependent on trade, from its nearest neighbors.

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