“Halfway To The Grave – Night Huntress #1” by Jeaniene Frost – abandoned at 25%

I bought “Halfway To The Grave” a year ago because I was looking for new series and this got positive, “Nice Girls Don’t Have Fangs” kinds of reviews. I’m reading it now as part of my Thirty Firsts TBR Reading Challenge.

I’m abandoning it at 25% because it’s a little too light and too slow for me. The conceit the story is based on is fun: Cat, a young woman, born half- vampire (no, I’ve never heard of that before either), as a result of rape, grows up to seek out and kill vampires and then gets entangle with Bones an old vampire who hunts his own kind.

Some of the dialogue is witty and the tone stays light, despite the often unpleasant content. I think a lot of people could have fun with this.

I recommend avoiding the audiobook version if you’re English. Bones is English and Tavia Gilbert, who otherwise does a good job on the narration, seemed to me to be channelling Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins every time Bones spoke. It kept throwing me out of the story.

I was also put off by Cat’s innocence and easy embarrassment. It was just a little over-played and my suspension of disbelief cord kept snapping and hitting me in the face.

Given that I’ve only read the first quarter of the book, I’m not attempting a rating. It could be great by the end but I’m not having enough fun with it to continue.beyond the 25% point.

If you want to assess this for yourself, listen to the SoundCloud extract below. Bones appears just before the end.

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