“Red Pheonix Rising” an alternative future history where Labour’s Brexit did exactly what it said on the can.

I’ve just read Jeremy Corbyn’s Britain after Brexit speech that he gave in Coventry.

The more I read, the more I wondered, what would it be like if he pulled it off?

Britain in the Customs Union, with a say on future trade deals but not part of the EU.

Upgraded infrastrutcure, with key services in public hands

An end to austerity.

A rational, welcoming approach to immigration.

A redistribution of wealth to improve the lives of working people.

Then I shook myself and asked myself:

  • why I needed Brexit to do any of those things?
  • how I could afford to do those things if Brexit kills the pound, destroy manufacturing and pushes up the price of imports?
  • why the EU would agree to letting us have a say when we don’t want to make enough of a committment to pay our way in a shared effort to build a better, fairer Europe?

Still, a man can dream.

Jeremy Corbyn clearly does.

So, if he was successful, or even if he got to give it a shot and stayed in power long enough not to be criticised, what would the movie look like?

Here’s my effort at the movie poster.

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