“The Lost Man” by Jane Harper – highly recommended

How do I best get across the impact of this book?

Do I say that I slowed down towards the end because I didn’t want the book to be finished?

Do I assert that it’s an order of magnitude better than “The Dry” and “Force Of Nature” and that I really liked both of those books?

Do I point out what a great decision it was to set aside the detective format and immerse the reader in the unforgiving environment of the Outback where two brothers are neighbours but their houses are a three-hour drive apart and getting separated from your car can mean death from exposure in less than 24 hours? 

Do I talk about her ability to evoke a place as both a home and a threat? To let me feel the pressure of years of isolation, guilt, abuse and rage? To explore what being the sons of an abusive man does to brothers? To make me change my mind time and again on which character is “The Lost Man”? Or to keep me guessing, right up to the end, about what really happened?


The thing to do is sit on the steps in the shade, look out over the property to the horizon, towards where I know the Stockman’s grave is, raise a cold one to Jane Harper and say:

“It’s good, mate. Bloody good.”

So do yourself a favour: don’t miss this one.

Click on the Soundcloud link below to hear a sample.,

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