“Greta” one of the best thrillers I’ve seen in years

Greta is beautifully shot, filled with great performances from strong women and delivers edge-of-the-seat tension all the way through. This is Neil Jordan at his finest.

As anyone who has seen “Byzantium” or “The Brave One” knows, Neil Jordan is skilled at delivering a tense, threat-filled story, centred around strong women.

In “Greta”, as director and co-writer, he has excelled himself. For me, this is a classic thriller with the impact of “Single White Female” but with its own original voice that avoids the retro, focusing instead on how vulnerable the digital world has made us to stalkers.

Isabelle Huppert gives a chilling performance as Greta, the lonely widow with a brave-but-fragile charm that masks a deeply disturbed mind and a malicious intent.

Chloë Grace Moretz is perfect as Francis McCullen, the trusting, vulnerable but still strong young woman that Greta attempts to prey on. It was good to see a kind woman who is not a kick-ass superhero but who refuses to be a victim.

Maika Munroe provides the third strong woman in the cast as Eric Penn, Francis’ streetsmart, confident roommate who presents herself as a superficial party girl but who shows her true strength when she is most needed.

There was also a great cameo performance by Zawe Ashton as the grieving partner of Greta’s first victim. Although she had only one scene, it was delivered powerfully and added to the growing sense of threat in the film.

Enhance these performances with great camera work and lighting, a subtle soundtrack and a strong script and you have a great movie.

Take a look at the trailer below and see what you think.

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