“Spirt Witch – Lazy Girl’s Guide To Magic #3” by Helen Harper

I needed something, light, unchallenging but with enough going for it to keep me interested to read, so I picked up the third book in “The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Magic” and settled in to listen.

I’ve resigned myself to having Tanya Eby as the narrator. She does a good job but I can’t understand why Tantor picked an American with a very limited range of Brit accents to read a series set in England and Scotland and with no American characters.

That rant aside, I slipped on the earphones and gave myself up to the reading equivalent of eating a tub of salted caramel ice cream on a hot day.

It was as much fun as I expected but I was surprised to find that it had some real sadness in it. As a result of her encounter with a megalomanic necromancer in “Star Witch”, Ivy, our reluctant hero and proudly lazy witch, can now speak to the dead. Some of the people she’s speaking to have recently been murdered and I found an unexpected level of empathy for their loss. 

By the end of the book, Ivy’s “Lazy Witch” persona had effectively been set aside as she finds herself wanting to get involved in preventing bad things from happening.

This was a satisfying happy ever after ending to the trilogy and a relaxing way to spend the day.

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