Small Pleasures – keeping the dark at bay

I’d just arrived in Liverpool after a long drive. It was already dark although not yet late. The night was warmish and almost dry so I decided to take a walk across The Strand into Liverpool One.

I was alone. I had no shopping to do and no meal to go to. I just wanted to stroll for a bit and see what there was to see.

One of the things I love about Liverpool is that there’s always something new to see. I also love that the city feels safe to walk in at night.

The city puts a lot of effort into making itself safe and welcoming. It wants people on its streets at night and it wants them to be able to relax.

Sometimes it’s the small things that help to achieve this. I found one of these things on my walk: benches that looked like an art installation from the Tate.

Ir’s a simple idea: kit benches with light panels instead of wooden planks and cycle them through a variety of colours.

The effect was quite magical. Even the wet pavement looked more cheerful. As I walked on, I found other benches like these with people using them in a sure-we-sit-on-this-kind-of-thing-all-the-time way that amused me.

Small things like this make a difference. They make public places a shared pleasure rather than a potential threat.

One thought on “Small Pleasures – keeping the dark at bay

  1. Oh,this is very attractive (and beautiful).Let’s face it,lights and colours, well,it awakes the child in us. And how wonderful to see that they are not vandalized ,quite a treat in this day and age.

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