Hogswatch Invent a Goddess Challenge: Hiatus – Goddess of the Gap

At this time of year, as Hogswatch approaches and the spirit of Terry Pratchett is invoked, I like to try and answer the question:

If you could wish any kind of god(dess) or fairy into existence, what would they be in charge of?

Last year I went with Mnemollumi – Goddess Of Lost Memories

This year, I’m calling upon Haitus, Goddess of the Gap.

She is the ever-young goddess of choices not yet made.

In her presence, we step into the gap between The Now and The Next where she gives us, in a second, infinite time reshape our future.

She is the Goddess of creative incompleteness. She grants the endless opportunity of the not yet finished. Those who invite her into their lives free themselves from the tyranny of the unchangeable past and the fear of the unknowable future and learn to place thought between stimulus and response.

Hiatus is shown as having a third eye. When she opens it and looks at us she can see all the choices we might make all the things we might do, all the people we might become. When her gaze is on us, when we share her vision, we are, for a moment, all of those things.

Her symbol is the Ellipsis, which her followers take a sign of her presence in their minds. They say you know the Goddess is with you when you hear yourself saying: “Next we’ll …” She rides those three little dots into your thoughts and, like an engineer throwing a railway switch, changes your direction.

Her younger followers wear witty t-shirts that use an ellipsis to change the meaning of the taken for granted.

i would call upon Hiatus to remind me that today is mine to shape. That my imagination is the place I come home to. That life is more than a linear progression towards death.

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