Amazon’s coffin marketing is very “Fall Of The House Of Usher”

Last night, my wife and I were discussing funerals, the way you do, and bemoaning that we’re now in the age bracket where we regularly receive ads offering us great deals on our funerals and that the prices of coffins are so inflated.

I got to wondering how much Amazon would sell me a coffin for.

It turns out I can get a nice wicker coffin for only £290 & Free Delivery (the free delivery applies only to the coffin, not the body inside it),

I was about to show this to my wife when I spotted the special deal Amazon was offering as an incentive to buy the coffin.

Buy this item and get 90 days Free Amazon Music Unlimited. After purchase, you will receive an email with further information. Terms and Conditions apply. Learn more.

This is so “Fall Of The House Of Usher”, it made me laugh. I was imagining the wicker coffin with an iPod charging point and wifi in case I wanted to listen to my favourite tunes for ninety days while I checked that I was really dead.

You have to love how unintentionally creative automated digital marketing can be.

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