‘Letters To My Dead’ master post

What is ‘Letters To My Dead’?

‘Letters To My Dead’ was an experiment in writing a fictional blog of remembrance to paint a portrait of a man approaching the end of his life.

The story was presented as a series of six blog posts written by the man, Patrick Donovan, in remembrance of his dead.

The Letters were written on a weekly basis with each episode being published on a Saturday.

This the master post with a to link to each post. Alternatively you can get to the posts from the main menu at the top of the blog.

Click on an image below ro be taken to the Letters To My Dead post of your choice

About Me – Saturday 20th March 2021

Letters To My Dead: Dad- Saturday 17th April 2021

4 thoughts on “‘Letters To My Dead’ master post

  1. Hi, Mike,
    What a splendid and creative idea. I read the introductory installment (before reading this post) and was immediately captivated, partly because I share a good number of Patrick Donovan’s traits — the introversion, not much of a joiner, not enamoured of social media, plus a few other things he mentioned — though I don’t think I’m quite as despairing as he seems to be. I’m quite looking forward to Patrick’s posts.
    Thank you for Patrick Donavan, and thank you for just being you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Rose,

      it’s good to hear from you. I’m glad you like Patrick. I think there are a lot of Patrick’s in the world. I’m glad you don’t share his despair. I’m hoping that writing to his dead will help Partick to gain some perspective and revive his appetite for life but it may take a while.

      I hope you keep reading him. I’m keen to know what you think.



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