‘Sleeping Dogs Lie: a novella’ by Samantha Downing – clever entertainment

Today, I wanted something to entertain me for a couple of lazy after-lunch hours. Something that would keep my attention, maybe make me smile but not throw anything too challenging at me. ‘Sleeping Dogs Lie’ fitted the bill perfectly.

This is one of those nothing-is-quite-what-it-seems stories that, once you know what’s going on, borders on the impertinent but has you grinning ruefully at what you missed.

The story starts with Shelby, a dog walker in California, returning from walking Pluto, a husky and finding his owner dead. She calls the police and is interviewed by a fairly sharp detective who asks all the right questions but doesn’t put it all together until it’s too late.

The story is told from Shelby’s point of view, then the detective’s, then Shelby again. Shelby and the detective each get their own narrator.

Both characters are easy to like and their accurate but not always kind observations about people kept me amused. Pluto the husky was also fun.

The story moves along slowly enough for the reader to keep up without having to furrow their brow or take notes but fast enough to make you repeatedly have to reassess what you thought you knew and go, ‘I didn’t see that coming’.

The premise is a bit a stretch but, especially if you’re a dog lover, it’s a fun idea to consider.

If you’re a dog lover who enjoys twisty mysteries and you have a couple of hours to kill, this one is for you. If your Audible membership includes Audible Plus, then this novella is available for free.

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