‘Hunting Ground’ – Alpha and Omega #2 by Patricia Briggs

I picked ‘Hunting Ground’ up because it’s been in my TBR pile for three years, because I’ve missed reading Patricia Briggs and because I wanted something quick and easy I could read on my iPad while sitting in the sun in the garden (note to self: love my iPad mini but the screen doesn’t handle glare well – get a Kindle Paperwhite ASAP).

One chapter in and I was already smiling. This was uncomplicated urban fantasy but it’s also brilliantly executed. I read it in two pleasant afternoons.

It’s been a couple of years since I read ‘Cry Wolf’ the first book in this Urban Fantasy series. It seems to me that the second book in the series is a big improvement on the first. The relationship between Anna and Charles is more carefully drawn and more believable. It was good to see Anna starting to assert herself.

The plot was fun: a whole bunch of European Alpha werewolves coming to Seattle to meet the Maroc and then finding his usually silent and almost always lethal enforcer in the Chair instead. Then there’s the impact of learning that Charles has a new mate, who looks like a scared rabbit but is apparently and Omega who attracts the interest of every Alpha in the room. Order is kept by a very scary Fae but that doesn’t stop the tension from building as different factions compete. Then the vampire attacks start.

It’s a fun, fast, action-packed tale (with at least six beheadings) that enrolled me in Anna and Charles story, kept me amused on every page and revived my interest in this series.

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