Things are moving fast

This is how the first week of Halloween Bingo went.

Mike Finn 2021 Halloween Bingo

It’s Sunday evening. I started reading for Halloween Bingo eight days ago. Since then I’ve read four books, played a Double Trouble Spell Card and four out of the five Bingo Calls have been for squares on my card. So, the current status is:

My best book so far way ‘The Thursday Murder Club’ which was joyous. The rest have been pretty good. I’ve reviewed ‘Reprobation’. ‘The Corfe Castle Murders’ was a nicely executed police procedural in a cute setting with some interesting characters. ‘The Devil You Know’ I had more trouble with, mostly because of the narrator’s not quite English enough accent but also because I found the main character, Felix Castor, hard to like.

My card is starting to fill up. I was very surprised that the first four calls, starting Wednesday of this week, were all on my card and three of them are side by…

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