‘The Legacy Of The Bones’ – The Baztan Trilogy #2 – by Dolores Redondo

I enjoyed most of the first book in this trilogy, ‘The Invisible Guardian’ but found myself surprised towards the end when it tipped over from well-executed police procedural with a strong sense of place and a main police officer with a traumatic childhood into something closer to Urban Fantasy.

‘The Legacy Of The Bones’ went much further in that direction, introduced a shadowy apparently-satanically-inspired super villain and made the police officer the centre of his attention. None of this worked well for me. I found it hard to suspend disbelief and hard to sustain tension in the face of a threat that seemed too convoluted and too fantastical to be real.

‘The Legacy Of The Bones’ was still a compelling read. The characterisation is well crafted and was amplified by the focus on the detective coping with a newborn and the changes within her family and in her relationship with her colleagues and her own attitude to risk.

The sense of place remained strong and the links to local history felt real.

Overall, the book lacked the intensity of the first instalment, a common problem for the second book of a trilogy, and moved further away from the realism that attracted me to the first book.

I’ll still read the final book in the trilogy but, at the moment, it’s not at the top of my TBR pile.

I still recommend the audiobook version. The narration is very good. Click on the SoundCloud link below to hear a sample.

2 thoughts on “‘The Legacy Of The Bones’ – The Baztan Trilogy #2 – by Dolores Redondo

  1. Ugh, that doesn‘t bode well — neither for book 3 as such nor for me. As you‘ll recall, I wasn‘t a fan of the ending of book 1 on any grounds, nor of any of the supposedly supernatural elements of book 1 (even those introduced earlier).

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    • I remember. I ws hoping that the things I most enjoyed about the first book would drive the trilogy. But, instead it felt as if the characters were being twisted to fit a serial-hiller with supernatural good-versus-evil-eternal-struggle undertones.


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