‘The Frangipani Tree Mystery’ – Crown Colony #1 by Ovidia Yu – the start of a fun cosy mystery series set in 1930s Singapore

Mike Finn 2021 Halloween Bingo

One of the things I enjoy about playing Halloween Bingo is that it pushes me to try books that I might otherwise have passed over. OK, that’s not entirely true. When a square makes me pick up a book and it turns out to be as far away from my taste as I expected it to be, then I don’t love Halloween Bingo so much. But when a square leads me to not just a fun book, but a fun series, then I’m all smiles.

I read The FrangipaniTree Mystery for the new Tropical Terror square.

It wasn’t at all terrifying but it was a mystery and it took place in the right part of the world and it was recommended so I went with it and discovered a whole quirky cosy mystery series that I’m looking forward to reading.

The Frangipani Tree Mystery is set in Singapore, then a…

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