It’s been a slow week but I’m OK with that.

Mike Finn 2021 Halloween Bingo

This past week was slow because I had fun things to do in real life, which hasn’t happened nearly often enough in the past year.

I’m back now, with fourteen more days of Halloween Bingo left, including today. I ought to be thinking ‘Hurry up! Hurry UP! HURRY UP!’ but I’m not. I’ve enjoyed myself. I’m one book away from my third and fourth bingos. I might not read the seven books needed for a Blackout Bingo in the next fourteen days but I’m going to get close and I will finish all the books before I move on.

My Bingo Card now looks like this:

I have:

  • two Bingos (Diagonal from bottom left to top right and second row from the bottom)
  • eighteen squares Read And Called
  • one squares Read But Not Called
  • five squares Called But Not Read

We’re 77% through the game and I’ve read books for…

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