Bye-bye Bingo

Mike Finn 2021 Halloween Bingo

I finished ‘Saltblood’ my last 2021 Halloween Bingo book today.

It was a great book to finish on: original, genre-spanning and deeply disturbing.

I’ll be back to read more T.C. Parker very soon.

So now my Bingo Card is Blacked Out and my Halloween Bingo Library is crammed full of good books, many of which I have still to write reviews for.

I’ve had a lot of fun over the past two months. I’ve read at a pace I wouldn’t want to sustain but which was exhilarating for a short time.

I always kid myself that, by reading more than twenty books in two months, i’ll make a small dent in my gonna-take-longer-to-read-than-I-have-years-left-to-live TBR pile. The reality is completely different. The TBR pile grows because I find new authors and fall in love all over again with existing ones.

Here are the new authors that i read for Halloween Bingo…

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