‘Anna And The Apocalypse’ – the zombie apocalypse Christmas Musical

‘Anna and The Apocalypse’ is the Perfect Christmas Movie

…if you don’t mind the occasional arterial gush,

the death of characters that you care about
and quite a lot of swearing.

I’d love to have sat in on the session when the concept for ‘Anna And The Apocalypse’ was born. I imagine it being something like:

– We need a Christmas movie with a difference

– Yeah, we want dry but zany British humour – you know – like ‘Nativity’ only less twee.

– We could make it a musical. Everyone likes musicals

– Yeah but where’s the original bit – ‘High School Musical Does Christmas’ doesn’t rock the world does it?

– But what about ‘High School Musical’ meets ‘Shaun Of The Dead’!

-Now you’re talking – except a realistically grim Scottish school and a LOT more gore and the kind of swearing that the American would edit out.

-And dance numbers that are kinda Bollywood in school uniform

– And lots of blood

– And lyrics that are funny and sad and a little bit over the top

– And a BIG BIG body count and lots of blood, splattering everywhere like glitter

– And a kickass girl as the lead

– Perfect. BAFTAs all round I reckon.

You get the idea, and if not, then these pictures should help you fill in the gaps.

I watched the movie tonight and it made me laugh and tap my feet (the closest I get to dancing in the aisles) and had just enough pathos in it to make me care about the ones who didn’t make it, even though that was almost everyone.

So if you’re looking for something other than ‘Love Actually’ or ‘Elf’ or ‘The Grinch’ to watch this Christmas, check out the trailer below and see whether you want a Christmas Zombie Apocalypse School Musical in your stocking.

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