‘The Black Parade’ by Kyoko M

This was a fun first episode of an Urban Supernatural series with a slightly different take on being a Seer charged with helping the spirits of the dead pass over. Perhaps the oddest thing about the premise of the book is that our Seer/Heroine has been coerced into her role helping souls by the threat of hell if she misses her quota for the year. Her work is an atonement for having killed the last Seer (whole backstory on how that happened). Her work is supervised by an angel (confused, attractive and not quite available).

The storytelling was light and easy on the ear. I liked the main character. She felt real. She wasn’t too kick-ass but she wasn’t a pushover either. I was amused by the trope twist on Milton’s angels, complete with quotes from Paradise Lost. The plot was a nice mix of tension, action and mostly unresolved sexual tension.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t let go of my reaction to the God that threatened this young woman with Hell. I found the whole ‘unknowable father’ at the top of the hierarchy hard to accept. I mean, what’s with this guy? An omnipotent, omniscient being with a policy of non-interference who also threatens people with Hell if they don’t deliver the numbers he asks of them? I found it difficult to accept that as real without having the follow-up thought that working to bring him down wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

Perhaps I should avoid Urban Fantasy that draws heavily on Christian myths.

Anyway, If the Grumpy Daddy God thing doesn’t bother you, you can have some fun with this book and its sequels.

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