I’m sure there’s a name for this.

When I saw that Omnicron was likely to spread across the UK, pushing up our already very high infection and death rates, I decided to buy myself some good disposable masks to wear in public places.

On Sunday 28th November I ordered 20 IDOIT FFP” Face Masks from Amazon for £20.99. They arrived yesterday, Tuesday 30th November. I tried them out today and found that they were comfortable to wear and did a good job in keeping my air out of people’s faces.

I was happy. So happy that I decided to order another box of 20.

I clicked on Amazon’s ever-so-convenient ‘Buy it again’ button and was about to place my order when I saw that the price was now £23.99.

That’s an increase of a little over 14%. In three days. For the same product. From the same supplier.

Suddenly, I wasn’t so happy.

My guess is that the original margin on the product, split between idoit EU and Amazon, would have been about 14-15%. If that’s right, then the margin just doubled. In three days.

What’s changed?

Not the design.

Not the cost of distribution.

Just people’s level of anxiety about a disease that was already killing more than 1,000 people a month in the UK and which now seems to have increased its transmissibility.

I’m sure there’s a name for that.

What do you think it is?

Suggestions are welcome.

Share them here and or with Amazon UK and Idiot EU.

4 thoughts on “I’m sure there’s a name for this.

  1. Well, legally, it may not be price gouging or profiteering, but it’s pretty damn near close to it. Or just plain, ol’ greed.


    • I think you’re right, Rose. From what I can see, this was a firm that made facemarks for people doing DIY work. COVID must be a bonanza for them. They make good masks but it seems like they can’t resist squeezing the lemon a little harder.


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