#FridayReads 2021-12-03 ‘The Night Of Fear’, ‘A Living Grave’ and ‘Dead Men Don’t Ski’

I think this is the first #FridayReads when all three of the authors are dead. All the books are mysteries and part of the mystery series that each author was best known for. The publication dates range from 1931 to 2016 and the locations go from the Missouri Ozarks, through an English County House to the Italian Alps.

I’m looking forward to a week of crime and hoping to have discovered three new series to read.

‘The Night Of Fear’ by Moray Dalton (1931)

I picked this book because the cover is gorgeous, it fits perfectly with the Christmas season and it’s been selected as a Buddy Read by my online book group.

The book is only eighty-years old and yet the world it describes sometimes seems as if it vanished centuries ago. I’m keen to read a contemporary account so I can see how far we’ve travelled and how little has changed.

I’ve never read Moray Dalton before but she comes highly recommended and I’m hoping she’ll provide me with perfect English Country House Christmas Golden-Age mystery.

‘A Living Grave’ by Robert Dunn (2016)

One of my favourite books in the past few months was Robert Dunn’s ‘The Sound Of Distant Engines‘ and I really wanted to read more of his work. ‘The Sound Of Distant Engines’ was a piece of Speculative Fiction set in a near-future America. ‘A Living Grave’ is a contemporary hard-boiled police mystery set in in the Missouri Ozarks, where Robert Dunn grew up. It’s the start of a series around Ozarks Sheriff, Katrina Williams.

I’m hoping that I’ll fall in love with Katrina and the series and continue to be delighted by Robert Dunn’s prose.

‘Dead Men Don’t Ski’ by Patricia Moyes (1959)

I’m expecting ‘Dead Men Don’t Ski’ to be the most light-hearted of the three books. I’m reading it as part of my Cold Comfort reading challenge so part of my motivation is to spend some time back in the Italian Alps in Winter.

I’ve had this book on my TBR pile for sometime now. It’s been recommended to me multiple times. I’m hoping the I’ll enjoy the location and be in tune with the humour and that Inspector Tibbet and I will meet again often.

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