Mining my TBR mountain – A TBR ABC Challenge

This year, I want to focus most of my reading time on my TBR pile.

That should be easy. The books are already there. I chose them because they appealed to me. So there’s no hardship in reading them, right?

Well, here’s the thing, it can feel a bit like this:

The reason I have a huge TBR pile is that I look at new books and say, ‘Now that I want‘.

Which leads to me having more books than I have time to read so the book I wanted so badly sits of the shelf unread.

This is made worse because it’s easy to find myself looking at the books in my TBR pile and saying ‘I’m never going to get through them all’ and turn them from an anticipated pleasure into an unmanageable burden.

So, I’ve decided to spice up my relationship with my TBR pile and remind myself why I found those books exciting enough to want to buy them.

One way of doing this that’s working for me at the moment is to pick a reading theme for each week and then search out a couple of books from my TBR that fit the theme.

But I want to do more than that so I’ve decided to set myself a TBR ABC reading challenge: I’ve mined my TBR pile to find books with titles that start with each letter of the alphabet and I’m going to read my way through the alphabet by the end of 2022.

Here are the books that I’ve picked.

It’s a surprisingly wide-ranging set of books. Searching for them was fun and now I’m looking forward to reading them. I’ll mark my progress as I go along and add everything up in my quarterly wrap-ups.

13 thoughts on “Mining my TBR mountain – A TBR ABC Challenge

  1. I love this idea for a TBR list. Very creative! Hope you get through them. I try to keep my reading list as diverse as possible too and have found that I have enjoyed novels from every genre (and disliked many too – lol). If I had to choose my favorite subject matter seems to be futuristic, dystopian type novels (think: ready player one, acts of caine). I was recommended a new series and just finished “Meta: Game On” by author Xander Black. I am always on the lookout for a new series that will capture the fun and social commentary of books like ready player one or hitchhikers guide. Most modern sci fi takes itself way too seriously. The author seems to really understand the culture behind this genre and puts it on full display. This is a dystopian detective story with tons of humor and heart. Two top players of the world’s most popular game become suspects once other “celeb” gamers start winding up dead. They need to clear their names and in doing so, find themselves uncovering some dark secrets behind the “Cybernet” (cough cough metaverse) and its implications on the real world. If you end up checking this out I would love to know what you think

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