A Summer Of Witches – a new set of Terry Pratchett audiobooks, a new reading challenge

Recently, I’ve been releasing my Terry Pratchett Discworld paperbacks into the wild. My eyesight no longer allows me to read what now seems to me to be the absurdly small print in the mass market paperbacks. I’m not ready to say goodbye to the books themselves, so I’ve been replacing them with a mixture of hardbacks with bigger text and ebooks where I can set the text to any size I choose.

I haven’t been buying audiobooks because the ones I’ve listened to, narrated by Stephen Briggs, are a little dull. He doesn’t produce the voices I hear in my head when I read the books and he seems to me to blunt the edges of the prose. His audiobooks are not bad but they’d never be my first choice.

It seemed to me that Terry Pratchett deserved better. It seems that Penguin has the same idea. They’re re-issuing the Discworld books with a stellar set of narrators: Indira Varma, Peter Serafinowicz and Bill Nighy. These are voices I’m looking forward to hearing.

When I saw that they’d already released the six books in the Witches subset of Discworld novels, I knew I had to have them. So my TBR is now six books heavier and I’ve set myself a new reading challenge: A Summer of Witches. It will include the six Discworld witch books and I may throw in a few more witches along the way.

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