Halloween Bingo Is Here…

From Saturday until Halloween, my reading will be focused on reading the twenty-five books I need to play Halloween Bingo.

Last year, I set up a Halloween Bingo Blog to play the game on. The problem was that I ended up having to post the book reviews on both sites. So, this year, I’m going to use my #FridayReads posts to share the books I’m reading and the state of play of the game and I’ll post the reviews of the books here.

So, what is Halloween Bingo?

It’s a Bingo game with twenty-five squares on it, each of which has a theme to which I have to match a horror, mystery, fantasy or science fiction book. There are sixty-one possible squares. One square is ‘Called’ each day through September and October. A Bingo is achieved by having a straight line of five squares that have been called and where the player has read an appropriate book for the square since the start of the game.

I’m hoping to get a Blackout Bingo by reading books for all the squares on my card. If I don’t manage that, I won’t mind as long as I’ve been able to read some good books along the way.

This is my 2022 Halloween Bingo Card

I’ll explain what the squares mean as I read the books for them.

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