My 2023 Reading Goal

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This year, I’m keeping my reading goal simple.

The right book in the right place at the right time. Always.

I need to remind myself that I read for pleasure. Good books are like good food, necessary, deeply satisfying and wonderfully diverse.

I have a vast pantry of books that appealed to me when I bought them but which I haven’t tasted yet.

This year, I want to get good at selecting books from those shelves that will delight my palette throughout the year.

I don’t want books to become a chore. I don’t want to read them just because they’re worthy or heavily hyped or even the next book in a well-loved series, but because something about them makes me hungry for them on a particular day.

I’m sure I’ll get it wrong from time to time but I think it’s going to be fun when it works.

7 thoughts on “My 2023 Reading Goal

  1. Well said Mike!
    I received a copy of “Lessons” by Ian McEwan for Christmas, but notwithstanding he is one of my favourite authors, I am waiting until I have the time to savour his latest book appropriately! Happy New Year to you!


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