#FridayReads 2023-03-17 – Short Speculative Fiction – ‘Junkyard War’ and ‘Undercover’

I’m the mood for listening to some short Speculative Fiction so I’ve raided my TBR pile for two pieces by writers who I know I’ll enjoy: Faith Hunter and Tamsyn Muir.

I’m looking forward to slipping on my headphones and being transported to somewhere far far away from here.

‘Junkyard Ward‘ by Faith Hunter (2022)

I love Faith Hunter’s Junkyard Cats series. It’s fresh, original, energetic and a million miles away from Jane Yellowrock or Nell Ingram. The Junkyard Cats books are novellas that, like the Murderbot series, pack a huge amount into a small number of pages.

‘Junkyard Cats’ opened up a whole new world and left me feeling energised and excited. Junkyard Bargain was an action-packed tale, with a huge bodycount, lustful descriptions of advanced weaponry and armour, great fight scenes and some of the scariest cats in fiction. It was also a transitional book that was preparing for the fight with Shining Smith’s arch-enemy. Now, in Junkyard War, I’m expecting one hell of a fight.

Undercover’ by Tamsyn Muir (2022)

I loved Tamsyn Muir’s Gideon The Ninth. It was an astonishing debut that mixed horror and science fiction and added in a whole lot of attitude. I have the sequels in my TBR pile but haven’t gotten to them yet, mostly because they’re so long.

When I saw the Tamsyn Muir had written a short story for the Audible Originals Into Shadow collection of seven short stories and that it was getting good reviews from a reader I trust, I had to have it. Maybe it will finally get me to dive into Harrow The Ninth.

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