A surprising recommendation – what was GoodReads thinking?

I’m used to the idea that goodreads.com runs a program that looks at how the books I’m currently reading are tagged and then recommending that I read other books with similar tags.

I know it’s one of those “no human involved” situations.

Sometimes they make me smile. Sometimes I actually follow the recommendation. Rarely do the recommendations surprise and puzzle me.

becauseAt the moment I’m reading “Tesser: A Dragon Among Us”. Despite having a colon in its title, it’s a fun book about a dragon waking up after a sleep of thousands of years and encountering modern Boston.

According to Good Reads, this is a good indicator that I will enjoy Edith Wharton’s, “The Age Of Innocence”

I can’t make up my mind if this is magic of madness.

I did enjoy “The Age Of Innocence.” Wharton’s prose and her insight into people are truly remarkable.

How does that connect to me liking a book about a dragon?  Only the Good Reads program knows.

Perhaps there’s a “book snob” sub-routine that randomly links genre readers to “real” literature?

Or maybe I missed some dragonish symbolism in Wharton’s text.




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