SMART. Is brand blindness making them dumb?


The woman in this picture apparently represents the target demographic for SMART’s new “Urban Sports Car”.

SMART make cars so small that you can almost fit two of them in a normal parking space.

Daimler, who own SMART, have never struck me as being particularly sensitive to the needs and aspirations of women when it comes to making and marketing cars, so I was initially encouraged to see the advert below which shows a young woman driving a powerful small car.

Then I saw the name of the car and had to laugh at what they’d called it.

The name will make car enthusiasts nod as it is an aftermarket high performance tuning company that has been  dominant in the market since the late seventies. They won’t see the word, just a brand that they already know.

Those of us who are not petrol heads are more likely to read the name and ask why is was selected for a compact car designed the carry women at speed.

It’s called the SMART  BRABUS.


You couldn’t make this stuff up.

Or perhaps it’s just the way my mind works.


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