“White Trash Zombie Unchained – White Trash Zombie #6” by Diana Rowland – things go right for Angel

wtz unchained

“White Trash Zombie Unchained” is the most fun I’ve had with Angel Crawford since the first book in the series.

How could I not like a book that has Angel Crawford AND zombie alligators in it?

Some of the recent Angel books have been dark, as Angel came to terms with her own nature and her new status as a person that needs to eat brains and who LOVES their smell, especially when fresh.

“White Trash Zombie Unchained” manages to lift the mood while still embracing and enriching the world-building from the previous novels.

Angel comes into her own in this book, showing leadership, taking good decisions and still remaining someone who will rescue frogs from certain death.

The book is packed with wit, humor, action and its own distinctive brand of strangeness. The plot stands up on its own, resolves some points from previous books and opens up some intriguing new possibilities. What more could I ask?

The book is perhaps a little wish-fulfillment heavy, but hell, I enjoyed it and Angel certainly deserves it.

Read this one with a grin on your face. I recommend the audiobook version because, for me, Alison McLemore IS Angel Crawford and she does a wonderful job with this book.

I was originally drawn to this series by the striking cover art. Take a look at the pictures below to see how this book cover evolved.




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