“Need To Know” by Karen Cleveland – DNF – abandoned at 20% mark

need to know

The hype that brought me to this book was mostly accurate. It is fascinating to read a novel about a CIA analyst, written by someone who was a CIA analyst for a decade. The premise – what would you do if your work to uncover suspected Russian sleeper cells in the US identified your huaband of seven years and father to your four children as a suspect. I suspect that, as the book unfolds, there will be a complex hiw-do-I-get-out-of-this? plot.

Unfortunately, this book is not for me. The pace is slow. The emotions are too wholesome. The characters are vamilla. I expected more anger and more scepticism. There’s  too much motherhood and apple pie here for me to enjpy myself.

After two hours of a nine hour book, I’ve decided that I don’t Need To Know.

Try the audiobook sample on the SoundCloud link below and see if this book is for you.


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